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Ulf Söderberg / Chairman of the Board

Ulf Söderberg is a successful entrepreneur that has founded several well recognized companies, primarily in the health care industry (including Bringwell and Papilly). In addition, Mr. Söderberg has extensive experience as CEO and Chairman of various listed companies. Furthermore, he has been engaged in a number of restructuring in the health industry, and has also been the driving force in the abolition of the pharmacy monopoly in Sweden.

Marek Orlowski / Board Member

Dr. Orlowski was a Co-Founder of Nepentes SA, a manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical products. In his time with the company, he served as as its Sales, Marketing and R&D Vice President. At the time of the company’s establishment in 1991, he held the position of Marketing Director. In 1995, he took the position of Vice-President of the newly founded Nepentes Sp. z.o.o. (Ltd. Company) and ran the company until it went public and was sold to Sanofi-Aventis for about €106M in 2010. In August 2007, he became Vice-President of the Management Board of Nepentes S.A. and since September 2010, was a member of the Management Board. He was responsible for marketing, sales, portfolio creation, strategic development and R&D. He negotiated distribution contracts and coordinated product launches in the markets of Eastern Europe; from Russia, through Poland, to Romania. Today he is a board member and investor in various life-science projects in Poland, Canada and Israel.

Prof. Martin Schalling / Board Member

An MD graduate from the Karolinska Institutet, Martin Schalling holds a PhD in Molecular Biology. He was an EMBO and a Fulbright Scholar while at MIT and is affiliated with UCSD. He has a three decades-long track record of success in science, with more than 20 publications in journals with high impact factor (over 10), 260 papers/manuscripts and 120 abstracts to meetings and conferences, and a number of research grants from Swedish Research Council, Karolinska Hospital and Institutet, various foundations and industry (support for exploratory research). Professor of Medical Genetics, Mr. Schalling is currently heading the Neurogenetics group at Karolinska Institutet and serves on the steering group of the Center for Molecular Medicine, Swedish Twin Registry as well as other organizations. His professional engagements include: Advisory Board at Max Planch Institute, Group leadership at Center for Molecular Medicine (KI), co-chair of a world congress and Editorial Boards of several journals. He is the coordinator for Karolinska Institutet and Mayo Clinic collaborative platform. Professor Schalling has been involved in entrepreneurial efforts in the biotech as well as the nutraceutical industry for the past decade.

CAISA SILLÉN / Board Member

Caisa Sillén has a broad, long-term experience  in the banking, finance and sales sectors. Her dossier includes leading positions in Sparbanksvärlden, Östgöta/Danske Bank, Wasa/Länsförsäkringar, SEB and Folksam. Before joining our Board of Directors,  Caisa has run her own consulting company and a successful wine import business.

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