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Greenleaf Medical AB is a Swedish research and development company, which develops and sells natural ingredients with well-documented health benefits on the global nutraceutical market. The safety and efficacy of the products is granted through research at leading international universities and research groups. The products are sold and marketed by leading distribution partners world-wide, both as functional foods/drinks and dietary supplements.


Our vision is to become a leading global supplier of premium nutraceutical products, thereby improving the life of millions of people worldwide.


Greenleaf Medical AB innovates, produces and distributes unique, scientifically documented and patent protected products in the nutraceutical space showing beneficial effects and health improvements, in particular metabolic health.

The unique composition of natural and active ingredients with an innovative formula of our supplements allows us to satisfy the needs of those who care about health and a balanced energy intake.



Developing innovative formulae based on natural ingredients with well-documented, scientifically proven health effects. Providing high quality products for the leading companies operating on the functional food and dietary supplements market.


Our formulas are based on natural ingredients.

We include rigorous scientific and regulatory steps in the selection of ingredients and development of formulas – to assure the highest quality and efficacy of our products.

We support our health claims with strong clinical and scientific documentation.

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