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Anders Struksnes / CEO

Anders Struksnes has served as Marketing Director, CEO & Chairman of the Board in several private and public Scandinavian companies during the last 22 years. Some of the companies are: Vitamed AS, Herbal Marketing Group AS, Natural ASA, Bringwell and SCN AB. Anders Struksnes was responsible for success of the first launch of several international bestsellers, like: Chiotsan (weight management), Tonalin CLA (weight management),  Hydroxy citric acid (weight management) and Kreatin (sports energy).

Call: +47 911 98 942

Dan Edwall / VP R&D

Dan Edwall holds a doctorate of medical science in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, where he also trained as a licensed dentist. Following this, Dr. Edwall did his postdoctoral training as a research fellow at the Mineral Metabolism Unit of Loma Linda University in California, USA, and has subsequently worked with preclinical pharmacology in the Swedish pharmaceutical industry (Pharmacia), and as Director of Research for Accuro Immunology, a biotech company.

Since 2006 Dan has held research director positions at nutraceutical companies Scandinavian Clinical Nutrition, Scandivir, Nattopharma and Green Leaf Medical. Dan is Chairman of the Board at Green Leaf Medical and CEO at the consulting firm Doktor Edwall AB.

Call: +46 70 798 80 89

Sinan Cem Emek, PhD. / Head of GLM Science Center

Dr. Emek had worked as a chemist in research and development units in different companies, and on immunohistochemistry projects at the department of “Experimental Brain Research” at the “Wallenberg Neuroscience Center” before he started his doctoral studies in biochemistry at Lund University. Dr. Sinan Cem Emek started his PhD work in Biochemistry and Structural Biology at Lund University in 2006. His research was focused on the effect of the thylakoid membranes on the activity of the lipase/colipase system. Dr. Emek received his PhD in November 2010 and after that; he started to work as a research scientist at the “Center for Molecular Protein Science” at Lund University and to teach in biotechnology at Malmö University (2010-12).

Call: +46 735 05 4945
CV:  Sinan Cem Emek (2015)

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