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The new EU/EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) regulations demand documentation for health and nutritional claims. That leads to increased costs for the nutraceutical industry, but helps to boost its credibility in the eyes of consumers, health professionals, authorities and the media, pushing it closer to the pharmaceutical sector.

Greenleaf Medical AB believes that EFSA will set the regulation standard for the rest of the world, so that is where we are directing our R&D efforts.

Greenleaf Medical AB is building competitive advantage through a focus on Intellectual Property Rights. We have an extensive patent portfolio covering the use and production of products in food and supplements.


AtĀ Greenleaf Medical AB we have made significant intellectual and monetary investments in our technologies. We are proud of our patented inventions and committed to actively monitoring market developments to protect our intellectual property rights throughout their lifespan. This Patent Enforcement Policy is a result of said commitment.

  • Screening IPR Compliance: Greenleaf Medical AB conducts regular surveys of its competition from public sources (Internet, tradeshows, etc.) and randomly samples a number of food and dietary supplement products (believed to be) containing thylakoids. If necessary, sampled products are analyzed by independent laboratories to establish their exact composition.
  • Internal Assessment: If infringement cannot be ruled out, then Greenleaf Medical AB will continue to take a series of other steps to clarify pertaining technical and legal questions, e.g. securing a wider base of marketing and sales information, further sampling, partner discussions, etc.
  • Letter from Greenleaf Medical AB: During this phase, Greenleaf Medical AB might for the sake of order send a standardized letter of notification to the producer or seller of the product under review notifying them of its intellectual property rights and inviting them to consider a business relationship with Greenleaf Medical AB. If no reply is received a reminder will be sent.
  • Appointment of Local Patent Attorney: If no answer is received, or the answer is unsatisfactory, and Greenleaf Medical AB still cannot rule out infringement, it will proceed to appoint a specialist attorney in the territory in question to provide a legal assessment of the infringement question.
  • Further Steps: Based on the results of the foregoing steps, Greenleaf Medical AB will together with its partners decide how to best proceed in order to stop the third-party from infringing its granted patents.


If at any point Greenleaf Medical AB identifies a third-party company that appears to be infringing its pending patent claims, Greenleaf Medical AB will make the company aware of the applicable national patent applications (or PCT applications designating the territory in question) in this area of technology, as well as the principles of provisional patent protection.


Greenleaf Medical AB has licensed and developed several patents for the production and use of thylakoids in the field of obesity and metabolic syndrome:


Patent title:

Composition for delaying the uptake of molecules. Field of invention

The present invention relates to the use of composition for regulating the concentration of various molecules in blood, but especially carbohydrates by affecting their uptake in the gastrointestinal system of mammals. Further, the present invention relates to a method of reducing the transport of molecules through the mucous of the intestinal tract of mammals.

International patent application Number: PCT/EP2012/053181

Patent title:

Large-scale process for the preparation of thylakoids

Covers all important factors protecting the unique production process. Further production patents are expected during the process of increasing the concentration of crude thylakoid substance.

International patent application Number: PCT/SE2009/000327

Patent title:

Use of plant cell membrane for the treatment of obesity

The patent covers all relevant indications including suppression of appetite, retardation of fat digestion, etc

International patent application Number: PCT/SE2006/000676

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