Spinach Product for Weight Loss [from: examiner.com]

30 May 2015

The fictional character, Popeye the sailor man, maintained his physical fitness by consuming spinach. Many are aware that spinach is a healthy veggie that is rich in healthy nutrients such as vitamin C, iron, and antioxidants; however, spinach is also rich in thylakoids, which can aid in appetite control. Appethyl® is a product made from 100% spinach, which is processed to free the active substances that are inside the spinach cells, making them readily available to the body. I have personally tried the product and my summary appears at the end of this article. A tremendous number of appetite suppressants are on the market, and many contain stimulants such as amphetamine-like substances; furthermore, some contain non-FDA approved substances. Appethyl® contains only natural ingredients and has no adverse effects.

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